Not every solution to a problem needs to be high-tech. The simplest of technologies can have a positive and lasting impact. Drawing water out from the ground and providing it for free via a series of beautiful fountains is an example of a generous civic project that we should support and which will surely begin a trend to end our addiction to one-use plastic bottles.


Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, Entrepreneur.

Without significant and swift behavioural change from retailers and citizens, plastics will continue to find their way into our seas and oceans and from there into our food supply with predictably toxic consequences.

Encouraging people to fill-up from free drinking fountains across London is precisely the sort of simple initiative we so badly need.


Chris Gorell-Barnes, co-founder The Blue Marine Foundation

These beautiful fountains offer a practical and resounding clarion call for our individual - and national - move away from single use plastics.


Lily Cole, Entrepreneur, actress and model.